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   For many years I have been increasingly drawn to writing predominantly slow gentle music and I have come to realise that this is what resonates most with me in terms of what I hope to express through composing.

   Following a period of upheaval and intense life changes during which I didn't play the piano or compose for over a year, I found myself in a new environment in which I began writing again in early 2015. Over the next year I experienced an intense flow of new music, which felt as if it was coming from a deeper and more spiritual place. For me, this music embodies a meditative and healing quality which I hope speaks to the listener.

   I began to feel that some of these new tunes, along with a few selected older ones, could work together as a solo piano album and so the idea for 'From a Deeper Well' was conceived.  I find that when I play these pieces, they take me out of the "here and now" and the "down to earth" and connect me to something universal.  At it's best, I believe that music is a powerful force for good, whose beauty can invoke a feeling of connection to something greater and outside of ourselves.

   One especially nice touch for me on this album is that the opening phrases of the tune 'Islands' were originally written during my teenage years (a while ago now) and although the tune has gone through subsequent development and revision, I like the fact that it connects with one of my earliest attempts at composing.


   The pieces 'Towards the Light', 'Halfway Across' and 'Hermitage' were written a few years ago and always felt different from the music I was writing at that time. I now like to think of them as early 'signposts' guiding me towards the more recent music I've been writing. The remaining tunes on the album were all composed during 2015/16, 'Calm Seas' being quite a new piece at the time of recording in late 2016.


   A few of the tunes have an extra significance for me...   

   After an intense conversation with my lifelong friend Jim following the passing of his wife Linda, I sat at the piano and wrote the tune named for her (also known as "Pingwing") which is dedicated to the two of them.

   'LK2' is dedicated to a lovely soul in California who I one day hope to meet!

   'Footprints' belongs to my mother... the footprints being mine, in the sand on the beach, as a child...

UK   £12.00 

inc P&P

You can preview short samples of all the tracks on "From A Deeper Well" below
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